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What is Silage?



Corn, sorghum, triticale, sunflower, alfalfa etc. It is a juicy, delicious, nutritious and economical roughage obtained by harvesting the forage plants at 60-70% moisture level, mincing them in 2-4 cm dimensions, compacting and storing them in closed environments called silo, and fermenting by lactic acid bacteria.

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As Kom Değirmen, our company, which has been serving all of Turkey since 1985, produces silage packaging machines with high technology with its experience, knowledge and specialized team in the sector.

Spare Parts

For our purchased products , we provide lifetime spare parts service.


During the service life, we provide service, maintenance and repair services with our authorized services.


As Komsilaj Makine, we provide fast export service to 81 provinces and 208 countries.

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Except Sunday, you can use all our services between 08.00 and 20.00 hours.

Who Are We?

Kom Değirmen is a company that has been serving all of Turkey since 1985, producing high-tech silage packaging machines...

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Why Us?

The winding system in our machines is proportional valve and hydraulic systems work. The body valve system in our machines is proportional valve and operates at double stage variable speed.

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From 81 provinces to 208 countries...

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We are among the leading companies producing 100% domestic production silage and pulp packaging machines produced with the latest technology in the world. According to our knowledge and experience, we use this power in exports and contribute to the economy of our country.

  • 15000 m² Production Area
  • 5 Kinds Of Silage Packing Machine Are Produced.
  • 100% Made in Turkey
  • +200 Annual Production Capacity
  • Over 36 Years Of Experience
  • Professional Export
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