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As Kom Değirmen, our company, which has been serving all of Turkey since 1985, produces silage packaging machines with high technology with its experience, knowledge and expert team in the sector. Our silage packaging machines produced by elite AR&GE department created within our company and offered to our farmer have high technology.Kom silage Km series silage packaging machines are designed for packaging beet pulp, alfalfa silage, maize silage and all coarse feed products, and therefore have been the biggest supporter of our farmers. Kom Silaj produces all its machines in the light of quality philosophy, while focusing on high technology in its activities.

15000 m² Production Area
Professional Export
5 Kinds Of Silage Machine Are Produced.
100% Turkish
+ 200 Production Capacity









As Kom Mill;

Why US?


Over 36 Years Of Experience

  • The winding system of our machine is proportional valve and hydraulic systems.
  • Because the winding system works with hydraulic system, it is faster and more durable, stretch the tension and increase the number of bales.
  • The machine body cover system is proportional valve, and it works with double stage variable speed. It works much faster than systems that use flat valves.
  • Our fishnet system works with hydromotor.
  • We use double felt in the housing bearing system.
  • This system provides more efficient performance to run the machine faster.
  • All chains and Gears of the machine have automatic lubrication application.
    -Possible failures are prevented by automatic lubrication application.
    -Machines without this system often experience failures and the chain Life is shortened.
  • Automatic lubrication is also applied in all ball bearing systems of our machine.
  • Because our machine works with proportional system, it has double hydraulic pump and double cooler system.
  • The Body Gears of our machine are locked bushings and the gears are centered in a stable and healthy way to the relay shaft.
    -Gears are much better quality and healthy compared to wedge system.